Our Partners/Sponsors
We are proud to say that we are in partnership programs with three companies at this point of writing. OPSeat, Humble Bundle, and Rogue Energy. These companies have been generous enough to provide a portion of sales in exchange for publicity from our Team. We have emense gratitude for these companies and are always looking for more partnerships and sponsorships.

OPSeat and Dink Esports are working together to make sure gamers have the best chair under their tooshe! Get $10 off a chair and support the team using our link here.

Rogue Energy
Rogue Energy and Dink Esports have a partnership aimed at helping everyone who needs some energy in their lives. Rogue Energy provides a tasty kick you can use to keep energized. Use our link to help support the team, here!

Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle provides Dink fans with links to prices off of popular games. These sales can be found by checking in our Discord every so often for links to the sales!