Welcome to Dink City
By The Dink Team
Dink Esports is a professional esports organization based out of Wisconsin, USA. We have some of the best trickshotters, content creators, and competitive players across Fortnite: Battle Royale, and one of the top rosters in Paladins: Champions of the Realm.

Our Team
Dink Esports consists of some of the best players across the communities. From our Team page. From any of the esports we venture into, we are sure to find quality players and quality content creators to keep you entertained. Our Fortnite players have accrued thousands of dollars in prize money and continues to improve every day.

Our Partners/Sponsors
We are proud to say that we are in partnership programs with three companies at this point of writing. OPSeat, Humble Bundle, and Rogue Energy. These companies have been generous enough to provide a portion of sales in exchange for publicity from our Team. We have immense gratitude for these companies and are always looking for more partnerships and sponsorships.

In Conclusion
Thank you for your time reading through this description of our team. Please do consider supporting us by purchasing merchandise from our store or simply just following our social media pages and our team member's social media pages on our Team page.